Our Story

Photo by: Stephanie Brazzle

Photo by: Stephanie Brazzle

We are a Husband and Wife team with 3 sweet dogs; residing and working in Dallas Texas in the Deep Ellum District.

Carolyn Spinelli McGlennon was born with a passion to create; from a young girl creating her own Little Mermaid costume out of paper and string to graduating Cum Laud with a degree in Fine Art.

Her need to create drives an interest in Design, textiles, jewelry design, and experimenting with a multitude of mixed mediums.

Andy McGlennon was fascinated at a young age by fixing broken appliances and items around the house and studying carpentry at his Father’s knee. Later he found interest in casting, mechanics, design and metal work.

With each other as constant inspiration and a unified passion for creating items that speak to the craftsman made goods from the past. These Items inspire conversations among gatherings attended by good friends and family. This is the foundation for House and Herald.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb


Our Workshop


Where we make is just as important as what we are making.- 

Our workshop is our home, so we want every piece we create to be designed and treated as if it were our own. We use special tools and safety equipment to create pieces one of kind unique nature.

Our current focus is on Fine Carpentry, Textiles & Arts,  Lost Wax Casting, Jewelry Design custom furniture, Scented goods and everyday use items. We use a wide range of materials in unique and creative ways.